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Market and communication

Every therapy is preceded by a diagnosis. Highlighting the medical significance of in-vitro diagnostics, analyzing complex healthcare laws and decision-making processes of self-administration, coordinating the association's internal and external communication - many threads come together in the Market and Communication Committee.

Importance of in vitro diagnostics

Laboratory examinations and tests are the basis for 70 percent of all clinical diagnoses. We encounter laboratory-based early detection just a few hours after birth in the form of newborn screening. So-called companion diagnostics provide crucial information for choosing the right drug therapy. Self-tests help chronically ill people to get through everyday life. And the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of the IVD industry like a magnifying glass.

Regulated markets

The IVD industry operates in a highly regulated market. Nowhere is the density of laws, regulations and directives as high as in the healthcare sector. As part of the industrial healthcare industry, we are committed to open markets and innovation-friendly framework conditions at national and European level.

Get to know the industry

More than 10% of domestic turnover is spent on research and development, which puts the IVD industry in a leading position nationwide. Small and medium-sized enterprises form the backbone of the industry with a share of 80 percent. Highly qualified jobs offer a wide range of opportunities for meaningful work, especially for scientists. The committee coordinates the association's public relations work and supports the members in their activities.

Transparency of political representation of interests

Professional dialog between political decision-makers and the industry association is indispensable, especially when it comes to legislative projects that create regulations for the IVD and LSR sector. The VDGH performs this task with a high degree of professionalism, reliability and transparency. The VDGH is registered in the lobby register of the German Bundestag. Statements on legislative projects are legitimized by the VDGH for publication by the addressees.