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Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2019 | Brüssel
1st European Value-Based Procurement Conference A new paradigm in Health Care

Organised by the Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice and supported by EHPPA, EUREGHA and MedTech Europe, this conference aims at discussing and partnering for patient-centric, quality and sustainable health care by adopting Value-Based Procurement and changing procurement practice.

The programme will cover the following topics:

•    Fostering a change towards Value-Based Procurement: National and regional policy and investment initiatives

•    EU’s role in fostering Value-Based Procurement for innovation and social cohesion, economic growth, fiscal stability and sustainable health care

•    Pioneers in Value-Based Procurement: innovative procurement procedures from technology to solutions

•    Early Adoption of Value-Based Procurement: a revolution in mind and evolution in practice

•    How to accelerate the shift to Value-Based Procurement

For more information on the programme and to register, please visit


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